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beachBUB® American Flag & Flag Pole for Beach Umbrella

beachBUB® American Flag & Flag Pole for Beach Umbrella


Older umbrellas (the previous model) did not have finial caps. The umbrella must have a finial cap for the flag pole to insert into. Without a finial cap your umbrella is not compatible with the flag pole.

before you order the flag pole make sure your umbrella has a vinal cap in the top

The beachBUB® Flag Pole was designed to take your beachBUB® All-In-One Beach Umbrella System to the next level of customization!

Every flag pole includes the patriotic "Old Glory" American flag, but you can fly any flag designs you choose. These flags make it super easy for friends and family to find your location on the beach.

Installation is simple. Just insert the pole into the finial cap (at the top-center of the air vent circle) for a sturdy, one-step setup. Again, if your umbrella model does not have a finial cap, this accessory is not compatible.

Key Features:

  • Made for beachBUB® Umbrellas: Specifically designed for use with beachBUB® umbrellas, ensuring a perfect fit and secure attachment.
  • Display Any Full-Size Flag: If you don’t want an American flag umbrella, you can fly any full-size flag, including country, state, or patriotic flags. Show off where you're from and what you stand for.
  • Express Yourself at the Beach: Show your national pride or personal expression with a visible and vibrant flag atop your beach umbrella. If it’s a commercial beach umbrella, you could even fly your company logo!
  • Easier Beach Navigation: The flag pole helps friends and family find your location more easily, saving time and hassle.
  • Secure and Windproof: The flag pole attaches securely to your beachBUB® umbrella, offering the same windproof, waterproof, and UV-resistant performance you expect, even in high wind.

This flag pole mount is crafted from heavy-duty, commercial-grade stainless steel, making it both durable and portable. It integrates seamlessly with your existing umbrella canopy, making it a must-have among your beach accessories. Whether you're flying the USA flag or any other banner, this portable flag pole enhances your beach experience with style and functionality.

Upgrade your outdoor beach umbrella today with the beachBUB® American Flag Pole and make every beach trip an opportunity to show your pride!
Note: This American flag pole accessory is designed to be used only with the beachBUB® All-In-One Beach Umbrella System. Umbrella system sold separately.

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