Collection: beachBUB® Umbrella Accessories

beachBUB® Accessories

With our fun and functional beachBUB® beach umbrella add-ons, your umbrella system can do a whole lot more than just protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Customize, repair, and boost the sun protection offered by our umbrella system with these handy accessories.

SunVisor Add-On

Mimic the additional canopy coverage and all-day shade offered by a tilted beach umbrella with our SunVisor canopy attachment and SunVisor Hardware and Pole Adapter Kit. Increase your seating area and protect yourself from harmful UVB rays with this simple shadow solution perfect for outdoor relaxation.

Pole Accessories

Quickly upgrade our lightweight beach umbrella to an all-in-one day-at-the-beach solution with our easy-to-attach tray table system and beach towel hooks.

Flag Add-Ons

Add some custom flare and personality to your beach umbrella with our beachBUB® flag poles. Compatible with canopies manufactured from 2018 onwards, you can opt for our classic American flag add-on, or wave your own flag with our flag pole-only add-on instead.

Beach Umbrella Canopy

Add new colors to your beachBUB® umbrella system or replace damaged and worn canopies with a brand-new large umbrella canopy. Our new canopies are compatible with frames manufactured from 2018 onwards and offer flag pole holes for our flag add-ons, while the original canopy doesn’t.

All our beach umbrella canopies are:

  • Wind resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Water resistant

Umbrella Tools

Lost your basic tools and accessories? Don’t worry, we have replacements for all your beach essentials, including the following:

  • Sand Gopher
  • Sand Scoop Shovel
  • Matching carry bag for both the normal and Sunbrella versions of our system
  • beachBUB® sand anchor

Bring new life and functionality to your beachBUB® compact beach umbrella beyond just sun protection with our range of accessories and add-ons.

To keep your beachBUB® umbrella system in tip-top condition, remember to always fill the sand anchor with every use.

We take our quality promise seriously, which is why we offer a 10-year frame warranty on all our umbrella systems, far longer than any average beach umbrella.