Collection: beachBUB® Replacement Parts

beachBUB® Replacement Parts

Even though we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your umbrella system and sand anchor last, we know accidents can happen. That’s why we’ve made essential elements of our umbrella system available as spare parts so you can enjoy your beachBUB® beach umbrella for years to come.

Note: Not all replacement parts are compatible with the older model of beachBUB® umbrellas.

Beach Umbrella Canopy

Canopy components are some of the most commonly lost or damaged parts of our umbrella system. Purchase replacement canopies from us to get your umbrella back in tip-top shape.

New Design

For beachBUB® umbrellas from 2018 onwards, this canopy tent features flagpole holes so you can customize your umbrella system.

Umbrella Tools

Sand Gopher

Our easy-to-use Sand Gopher takes the hard work out of planting your umbrella pole deep into the sand.

Sand Scoop Shovel

Small and easy to include in your travel essentials, our Sand Scoop Shovel makes filling your sand anchor a breeze.

Beach Umbrella Bag

As part of your must-have umbrella accessories buy or replace the matching carry bag for either our Sunbrella or beach umbrella systems.

Replacement Parts

Replacement Umbrella Frame

Buy a new umbrella frame with new umbrella ribs so you can easily reuse your old tools and canopy.

Hitch Pin & Chain

Secure your beach umbrella with a replacement hitch pin and chain.

Replacement Collar

Keep your umbrella anchor and poles connected with a replacement collar.

Replacement Tray Table Collar

Need a cup holder? Replace your tray table collar so you can continue mounting tray tables to your umbrella for small items like your vacation essentials and water bottles.

Top Umbrella Pole

Easily replace the top pole of your regular or tilting beach umbrella system.

Bottom Umbrella Pole

Replace the lower pole with a pre-installed collar add-on for your convenience.

Make umbrella repair easy with beachBUB® replacement parts.

We’re so sure of the quality of our beach umbrella systems, we even offer a 10-year warranty on all our beachBUB® umbrella frames so you can have complete peace of mind when purchasing this one-of-a-kind system.