Collection: Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella Bases from beachBUB

Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella Bases from beachBUB

When you need to secure any sun shade safely in strong winds, the beachBUB beach umbrella sand anchor systems are the answer. Using the same umbrella stand technology that keeps our full sun shade systems secure in wind speeds up to 44.4 mph, you can convert a standard or sand screw beach parasol into an almost hurricane proof beach oasis.

How We Keep a Beach Umbrella from Blowing Away

Flying beach umbrellas are a serious safety issue and cause injuries on many beaches each year. Any unsecured beach umbrella can become a flying spear headed toward other beach-goers. Using a solid beach umbrella anchor is a must at resorts and beach getaways not only to protect your skin from sun exposure, but for the protection of other beach-goers in high winds.

Using a sand anchor is a common way to secure a beach umbrella, but beachBUB’s patented beach umbrella stabilizer outperforms the competition in preventing runaway umbrellas and accidents. Our system is lightweight, portable, compact, and heavy duty, earning the endorsement of the American Lifeguard Association for its ability to prevent injuries.

Surpassing Other Umbrella Anchor Systems

Our universal umbrella anchor system is compatible with any umbrella pole up to a 1.5 inch diameter, including sandscrew models. By addressing the weaknesses of traditional umbrella holder stands and anchor screws, beachBUB has designed a beach umbrella holder that weighs one pound when empty and 120 pounds when filled with sand.

  • Plastic bases filled with water or sand can puncture or tip over.
  • Buried beach umbrella anchors can work loose from wind pressure and foot traffic.
  • Sand anchor screws can break off or work loose from rocking in the wind.
  • Pointed beach umbrella screws that rely on loose sand for support can fly away in any gust of wind.

Keeping the Sun Fun for Everyone

Like our all in one beach parasol systems, our universal umbrella anchors keep parasols, beach tents, and umbrellas from blowing away and come with a lifetime warranty. You might see them in use at luxury resorts and parasol rental stands because they are designed to stand up to daily use. Set up with your preferred wide brim umbrella up to seven and a half feet, and enjoy the sun damage protection and cool temperatures in the breezes of your favorite beach destination.

Each beachBUB beach umbrella anchor comes with the patented system including the base, a universal clamshell anchor collar, a sand scoop, towel hook, sand gopher, and a one-time dual-sided tool for easy conversion of your existing umbrella. Protect your investment and prevent injuries with the easy-to-use beachBUB Umbrella base for all your beach gear.

The ULTRA Base meets the highest safety standards for beach umbrellas and is compliant with ASTM F3681-24 when paired with any 7.5-foot umbrella. Safety testing performed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).