beachBUB® Umbrella Wind-Rating Test

The beachBUB® umbrella was tested up to a wind speed of 44.4 miles per hour while remaining firmly planted in the sand and intact. Testing was halted once the speed of 44.4 miles per hour was reached before the umbrella dislodged or broke. It is possible the umbrella would remain planted and intact with short term gusts above 44.4 miles per hour.

A2 Wind Testing
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beachBUB beach umbrella system dislodge and durability testing



Observe the ability of the beachBUB® beach umbrella system to remain planted and intact at high wind speed. Testing designed to evaluate usability in real world high wind speed applications.


  1. The umbrella was tested at A2 Wind Tunnel, Aerodyn Technologies. A reputable aerodynamics testing facility.
    • A2 Wind Tunnel is an open return Eiffel style wind tunnel, 14ft x 10ft cross section capable of producing uniform consistent winds up to 85 miles per hour.
  2. The umbrella is positioned in the uniform wind stream zone at the center of the tunnel.
  3. A box of sand measuring approximately 40 inches wide, 48 inches long, and 24 inches tall was placed in the test section of the wind tunnel. The size of the box was designed to provide ample area of sand to allow for realistic resistance to dislodging without the walls of the box constricting the movement of the sand around the umbrella.
  4. Semi-coarse damp beach sand was used in testing designed to replicate sand conditions commonly found at beaches just below the top layer of dry loose sand.
  5. The umbrella was installed in the sand as per manufacturers published instructions.
  6. The wind velocity was measured using a certified anemometer in the same plane as the umbrella at least 2 feet from tunnel walls and umbrella in order to measure "free stream air" which is wind that is not being artificially slowed or accelerated by the walls or umbrella. In real world conditions this would be the ambient wind speed.
  7. The wind velocity is raised in increments with sufficient time between speed changes to monitor whether the

    umbrella remains planted in the sand and intact. The highest wind velocity achieved without the umbrella dislodging from the sand or breaking is recorded.

  8. Sand box environment and umbrella installation conducted by beachBUB® personnel. Tunnel operation, wind speed measurement, and certified report conducted by A2 Wind Tunnel personnel.


Certified by: Geoffrey Eaker Operator/Manager A2 Wind Tunnel