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Heavy winds or no winds? No problem. Discover the innovative designs and high-end construction of beachBUB® umbrella systems and see why it has over 5000 5-star reviews

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step 1

Make a hole in the sand with the included sand gopher tool and place the umbrella pole in the hole.

step 2

Attach 2 sides of the beachBUB to the hooks on the collar.

step 3

Fill up the beachBUB with sand until it is VERY full.

step 4

Use your foot to compact down sand and keep filling all the way!

step 5

Attach the last side to the collar and top up the sand. That's it!

Set it and Forget it!

Enjoy your whole beach day, worry free!

the difference is clear

beachBUB® is the superior beach solution!

Easy 2 minute setup

One of the key features of our portable beach umbrella is its effortless setup. Everything you need is included in our wind-resistant beach umbrella system, and filling the sand anchor only takes two minutes, and even the kiddos can help!

10-year frame warranty and 3-year protection plan for beachBUB® All-In-One

In addition to the 3-Year Protection Plan we are now including a 10 year warranty on all umbrella frames. This is included automatically with every umbrella bought.

Every element of our windproof beach umbrella system has been designed to last. After taking your feedback into account, the chain and hitch pin as well as the collar bolts now feature stainless steel to prevent rusting and corrosion. And, as a sign of the trust we place in the quality of our product, we cover every single All-In-One Beach Umbrella System with a 3-Year Protection Plan and a LIFETIME Warranty on the Umbrella Base. The beachBUB® Protection Plan covers all damage and loss. It even covers damage to the umbrella in the unlikely event of an umbrella tipping over due to the base not being completely filled. 

Wind-tested up to 44 MPH

The beachBUB® All-In-One Beach Umbrella System is the ultimate beach umbrella for windy conditions. Tired of worrying about your beach umbrella blowing away? Our umbrella system offers a safe and secure UV sunshade that won’t blow away, fall over, or invert. 

Instead of opting for a vented beach umbrella to try to resist high winds, we’ve created the most stable, windproof beach umbrella in America. The beachBUB® umbrella base is filled with up to 125 pounds of sand, while the umbrella frame and canopy is made of only the best quality, heavy-duty material, allowing each of our All-In-One Beach Umbrella Systems to withstand wind speeds of up to 44.4 miles per hour. 

Superior sun protection

Not only is the beachBUB® All-In-One Beach Umbrella System windproof, it’s also a sunproof umbrella that offers ample UV protection. Our umbrella canopies all have a UPF rating of 50+ (the highest rating available) and block around 98% of UV rays, even on the sunniest days. 

Innovation that continues to improve

Commercial Grade Three-Piece Hub Design

A common problem with typical beach umbrellas is canopy inversion. This is caused when the excessive force of the wind pulls the ribs away from the hub system. The average pulling force necessary to disengage a rib from a typical beach umbrella hub is about 40 lbs of pulling force. Our new specially designed three-piece hub system has been tested at over 400 lbs of pulling force. We identified the weak link and made it stronger.  

Canopy Tension Adjustment System

One of the major new additions in the most recent model of the beachBUB® Beach Umbrella System is the ability to adjust the tension of the umbrella canopy. We noticed that many other brands of beach umbrellas often struggle over time with ribs poking through the canopy, so we have reinforced the rib pockets on the umbrella canopy and added a T-shaped bracket inside each pocket. 

This new bracket prevents the rib from wearing on the canopy. It also allows us to insert a small plastic spacer plug in each rib pocket. These spacer plugs can be used to adjust the overall tension of the umbrella canopy. If your canopy is too tight and difficult to open, simply remove as many of the plugs as necessary to achieve the desired canopy tension. Likewise, if the canopy tension is too loose, simply add additional plugs in order to create more tension. (Additional plugs are provided and are located in the pocket of each carry bag.)