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beachBUB® Beach Umbrella Tray Table

beachBUB® Beach Umbrella Tray Table

Umbrella Tray Table System from beachBUB®

Make your next beach day even more effortless with the beachBUB® Tray Table system. Bid farewell to sandy snacks and drinks with this convenient beach umbrella table. Designed to attach to your beachBUB umbrella pole, this portable beach table is the perfect addition to your beach day essentials. 

Key Features:

  • Easy installation: The tray’s universal fit means it attaches effortlessly to any beachBUB beach umbrella pole (and even some beach chairs) making setup completely hassle-free.
  • Weather resistant: Crafted from high-quality heavy-duty PVC plastic, this umbrella tray table stands strong against the elements.
  • Effortless maintenance: Easy to clean and corrosion-proof, ensuring it stays pristine trip after trip.
  • On-the-go convenience: Lightweight and portable, the beach umbrella table won’t add unnecessary weight to your beach bags.
  • Adjustable configurations: Snap together for a compact 12" x 15" snack table or double up for a spacious 12" x 30" setup, easily adapting as an outdoor drink and snack table.
  • Includes independent "Table Leg" which allows you to use the tray independently of the umbrella.
  • Convenient storage: Equipped for all your beach accessories with cup holders, sunglasses holders, and a flat surface for mobile phones or books, keeping your items neatly organized for a day at the beach.
  • Sand-free: Ideal for keeping your belongings high above the ground and 100% sand-free.

Make Every Beach Trip Hassle (and Sand) Free

This beach table innovation is built to withstand the elements while remaining lightweight and portable in its carry case.

  • Relaxation redefined: Indulge in hands-free lounging with a dedicated drink holder and snack compartments for your refreshments.
  • Easy access essentials: Keep your must-haves secure and within reach as you soak up the shoreline serenity.
  • Streamlined beach gear: Bid farewell to bulky beach clutter with this sleek and compact beach table.

Shop our handy beach umbrella tray today for the perfect addition to your beachBUB beach shade.



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