beachBUB all in one umbrella system in a teal blue with all package items

Beach Umbrellas Uncovered: Exploring the Latest Trends and Innovations

beachBUB all in one umbrella system in a teal blue with all package items

Nothing beats a warm, sunny day at the beach. Whether you’re catching waves with friends or unwinding with your favorite book, too much sun can quickly become a problem. Luckily, one of the best and easiest ways to beat the heat and UV rays at the beach is with a beach umbrella.

Beach umbrellas have been giving shade to beachgoers for decades, but not all umbrellas are created equal. New materials, add-ons, and safety features are taking the beach umbrella game to a whole new level. Read on to learn more.

A Quick History of the Beach Umbrella

Umbrellas have been used to offer shade in warm climates for centuries. Known in 19th-century Europe as a parasol, it didn’t take long for beachgoers to realize having a very big umbrella on the beach would be better than several small ones, so traditional beach umbrellas as we know them were born.

Innovating Your Number One Beach Accessory

For many years, a structure as simple as a beach umbrella seemed nearly impossible to redesign or innovate. Recently, beach umbrellas have been given an overhaul, making them better than ever before.

Design Innovations

Today, beach umbrellas come in an endless variety of different colors, patterns, and styles. From simple beige to intricate designs, umbrellas have become less of a beach necessity and more of an essential beach accessory.

Modern beach umbrellas have also evolved beyond the simple metal frame and cotton beach shade. Instead, today’s beach umbrellas use collapsible frames that make them easy to fit in a carrying case, and umbrella canopies offer plenty of features, from UV protection to wind resistance.

Cutting-Edge Features

The beach umbrella’s greatest enemy is undoubtedly the wind. One powerful gust is enough to send most umbrellas flying. Not anymore. Any reputable beach umbrella company has quickly switched over to selling their beach umbrellas with a sand anchor—an accessory that ensures your umbrella will never fly away again.

Other innovative features include solar-powered charging ports, cup holders, tilt mechanisms, and even ventilation space to keep your umbrella extra stable on windy days.

What to Look For in the Best Beach Umbrella

Looking for your next go-to beach umbrella? Here are some features to keep in mind:

  • UV protection – Any good beach umbrella should keep you UV protected with a canopy made of UPF 50 material or above.
  • Ample shade – Your beach umbrella should be big enough to fit at least two beach chairs or more, or it may not give enough coverage for your needs.
  • Stability – To prevent your umbrella from flying away, any umbrella you choose should have a strong sand anchor to keep it steady throughout the day.

Choose BeachBUB for Your Next Beach Trip

beach landscape with women's woven hat, striped beach bag and black sandals

Besides the functional requirements you might have for your sun-protective umbrella, aesthetics matter too. Luckily, finding a stylish, large-size beach umbrella doesn’t have to be a hassle.

beachBUB® was developed to keep beach umbrellas safe and stable regardless of the weather. When attached to an umbrella and loaded with sand, it can withstand gusts of up to 44 mph.

With our complete beachBUB® All-in-One Beach Umbrella System, you won’t just get the beachBUB sand anchored base; you’ll get an oversized carry bag and 7 ½ foot canopy and frame, and in one convenient package get all the tools that you’ll need to set up your umbrella for the day, including the sand gopher, towel hook, and shovel. The umbrella frame and base are covered by a 10-year warranty from beachBUB®. Replaceable canopies are also available if you want to change the color or replace a fading canopy.

Want to learn more about our umbrella systems and superior warranty promise? Get in touch with us today.

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