beachBUB® All-In-One Beach Umbrella System.

Best Beach Umbrella Buying Guide

Finding Your Perfect Summer Shade Companion

What factors should you consider when choosing the best beach umbrella for your summer outings or beachfront business? All beach shades are not created equal, so quality construction and wind resistant designs are the keys to getting years of enjoyment out of your new beach umbrella.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Beach Umbrella

Blue beachBUB® All-In-One Beach Umbrella System.

A well-made beach umbrella may cost a little more initially, but it won’t come apart, go flying away, or be destroyed by the first high-wind gust. Consider these factors to make the perfect selection for summer fun:

  • Wind resistance. Most beach umbrellas fail because the umbrella canopy ribs cannot withstand the force of the wind, or they lift out of the sand and go flying, putting other beach-goers in danger.
  • Sun protection. Inexpensive beach umbrella canopies do not block as much sun as the UPF 50 sun protective fabrics used in high-quality brands like beachBUB.
  • Full-size shade footprint. You will want a full size beach umbrella at 7.5 feet in diameter to have plenty of space for your beach chairs and hooks for hanging towels or damp clothing.
  • Quality construction. Stitching, fabric thickness, pole materials, and canopy ribs should be built to last, avoid weak spots like tilt mechanisms, and stand up to years of daily use.
  • Optional accessories. Having available sun visors, cup holders, tray tables, and other accessories that will fit your beach umbrella means you’ve always got it made in the shade.
  • Easy to carry and set up. A well-designed beach umbrella should come with a sturdy oversized carrying case that makes it easy to pack up and be lightweight enough to be carried to your favorite waterfront hideaway.

How Much Better Are beachBUB Beach Umbrella Systems?

Yellow beachBUB all-in-one beach umbrella system.

The beachBUB all-in-one beach umbrella systems and universal beach umbrella bases are designed specifically to address the common weaknesses of most beach umbrellas for the best possible outdoor experience. Some of the features that make beachBUB the best choice include:

  • A full-size 7.5 foot UPF 50 canopy, compared to the Blissun 7.2 portable beach umbrella
  • Commercial grade aluminum pole system and 10mm fiberglass frame ribs
  • Durable fabrics offer full protection from UV rays and have triple layered and individually sewn rib pockets
  • Double reinforced bottom and heavy-duty stitching on the 48" carrying bag
  • 9-pound total carrying weight and easy setup by one person
  • Wind resistant and withstands test winds up to 44 mph
  • Innovative sandbag base system prevents runaway beach umbrellas; endorsed by the American Lifeguard Association
  • A 3-year protection plan, 10-year frame warranty, and lifetime base warranty demonstrate beachBUB’s commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Replacement parts available to keep your beachBUB system working and looking good for years to come.

Comparing beachBUB to the Competition

beachBUB beach umbrella with sun visor.

Problems with your beach tent or sun shade can take all the fun out of a trip to the lake, might leave you or your family exposed to sun damage, or have you chasing a flying umbrella spear down a crowded beach. Umbrellas with sand anchors and sand screws are famous for working free and even causing injuries.

Investing in a beachBUB beach umbrella with a sandbag base that is easy to fill, is easy to empty, and lasts a lifetime will take the headaches out of beach umbrella ownership. Keep your shade securely over your beach towel and stop worrying about runaway gear by choosing the best beach umbrella that stands up to daily use and active lifestyles. Make every beach day a breeze with the perfect beach umbrella from beachBUB.

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