Elevate Your Tennessee Outdoor Adventures with beachBUB® Beach Umbrellas

Tennessee Outdoor Adventures with beachBUB

Hello, Tennessee! While we know the Volunteer State is world-renowned for its music, barbeque, and the Great Smoky Mountains, we also understand that many Tennesseans head to the beach to escape the daily grind. Whether you're planning to bask under the southern sun on a local riverbank or make a trip to the Gulf Coast, one thing is for sure—you'll need a high-quality beach umbrella that's up to the task.

Tennessee may not be a coastal state, but its residents know the value of reliable sun protection that doesn’t succumb to unpredictable winds. That's where beachBUB® comes in. Our innovative beach umbrellas and umbrella bases provide unprecedented wind resistance and sun protection, outlasting those basic umbrellas that do more tumbling than shading.

Our Products

Wind-Resistant Umbrellas

We have revolutionized the beach umbrella concept. Unlike conventional umbrellas that easily lift and toss in the wind, beachBUB® umbrellas are engineered for stability and resilience. They have consistently earned a 5-star rating for more than two years, making them a trusted choice.

Umbrella Bases

Your beachBUB® umbrella is only as good as the base that supports it. Our bases are rigorously tested to withstand strong winds, ensuring that your umbrella stays right where you want it.


To enhance your beach or riverside experience, we offer a range of accessories such as our SunVisor and tray table system. These additions make it convenient to read, snack, or sip your favorite beverage—all while staying cool under your wind-resistant umbrella.

Why Choose beachBUB®?


10-Year Warranty: We are so confident in our products that we offer an unrivaled 10-year warranty on both the umbrella frame and base.

Safety First: Our origin stems from a real-world incident that caused injury. We've innovated to make sure our products prioritize your safety.

Worldwide Recognition: Beachgoers in 22 countries have chosen beachBUB® for their outdoor adventures, and you should too.

Customer Satisfaction: With a consistent 5-star rating, it's clear that our customers love the quality and durability of our umbrellas and bases.

Innovation: We don’t rest on our laurels. Continuous improvement is in our DNA, making sure we always offer the best in sun and wind protection.

Don't let a poor-quality umbrella ruin your day in the Tennessee sun or your beach trip to the coast. Choose beachBUB® for a worry-free and wind-resistant experience. Explore our range of beach umbrellas, umbrella bases, and accessories today.

Embrace the sun, but do it wisely. Choose beachBUB®.