Enjoy a Worry-Free Day Under the Illinois Sun with beachBUB®

Enjoy a Worry-Free Day Under the Illinois Sun with beachBUB®

Illinois beaches with beachbub

Ah, the Prairie State! Known for its rich history, bustling cities, and, yes, its gorgeous freshwater shorelines. Whether you're planning a weekend trip to the beaches of Lake Michigan or you’re a local seeking refuge from the busy cityscape, Illinois offers a diverse range of sun-soaked locations perfect for a day of relaxation and leisure. However, while the sun is a welcoming feature, it's crucial to protect yourself from its harmful rays and sudden gusts that could send a regular beach umbrella flying. That’s where beachBUB® comes in—your premier choice for high-quality beach umbrellas and accessories designed to withstand the Illinois elements.

Our Products: Built for Reliability and Safety

Wind-Resistant Umbrellas

Imagine enjoying the Illinois beach scene without having to worry about your umbrella taking flight at the slightest breeze. beachBUB® wind-resistant umbrellas are engineered to withstand winds up to 44 mph. Say goodbye to the hassle of resetting your beach umbrella and say hello to a worry-free day by the lake.

Umbrella Bases

beachBUB®'s patented umbrella base offers unparalleled stability. Designed after a thorough understanding of how patio umbrellas work, the base is not only easy to set up but also sturdy enough to ensure your umbrella stays rooted to the ground.


Don't forget about our must-have accessories that make your day at the beach even more enjoyable. Our SunVisor provides additional protection against harmful UV rays, and the tray table system offers a convenient spot for all your snacks and essentials.

Why Choose beachBUB®?

wind-resistant umbrellas

When you opt for a beachBUB® product, you're investing in more than just a beach umbrella—you're investing in peace of mind. Here's why you should make the switch today:

10-Year Warranty: Our umbrella frames and bases come with an incredible 10-year warranty. We stand behind our quality and want to ensure that you're fully satisfied with your purchase.

Safety First: Our origin story stems from a genuine concern for public safety. Founded in 2009 after a tragic accident involving a poorly designed beach umbrella, we are committed to preventing similar incidents.

5-Star Rating: beachBUB® has consistently earned 5-star ratings for over two years and is a trusted brand found on beaches in the United States and 22 other countries.

Innovation: Unlike conventional models, beachBUB®'s high-quality, wind-resistant umbrellas offer a unique, bottom-anchored system that has turned the beach umbrella concept upside down, literally and figuratively.

Your Day in the Illinois Sun Awaits!

Don't let a flimsy umbrella spoil your time by the water. Choose beachBUB® for an experience as unforgettable as the Illinois sunsets. Ready to make the switch? Shop now and redefine your beach days with beachBUB®®.

Stay protected, stay anchored.