Enjoy the Bluegrass State's Sunshine Safely with beachBUB®

Enjoy the Bluegrass State's Sunshine Safely with beachBUB®

beachBUB wind resistant umbrella set up at beach coastline

Kentucky, known for its rolling hills, horse racing, and Southern charm, is a paradise for those who love the great outdoors. While the Bluegrass State may not be famous for its beaches, it boasts beautiful lakes, rivers, and recreational areas where families gather to enjoy the sun. But as any Kentuckian knows, with sunshine also comes the need for adequate sun protection and sturdy outdoor gear. Enter beachBUB®—your solution for a high-quality beach umbrella experience that promises safety, durability, and convenience.

Our Products: Tailored for the Elements

Wind-Resistant Umbrellas: Unlike basic beach umbrellas, which often fly away or break in heavy winds, beachBUB® umbrellas are designed to withstand gusts up to 44 mph. These are not your ordinary umbrellas—they are engineered for strength, ensuring that your time under the sun remains uninterrupted and safe.

Umbrella Bases: To complement our wind-resistant umbrellas, we offer robust umbrella bases that anchor securely in sand or on grass, making them perfect for Kentucky’s diverse terrains. These are easy to set up and offer ultimate stability.

Accessories: For those looking to upgrade their beach or lakeside experience, we also offer accessories like the SunVisor and tray table system. These additions are not only convenient but also crafted to meet the same high standards as our umbrellas and bases.

Why Choose beachBUB®?

umbrella bases

Innovation: The beachBUB® umbrella system was born out of a desire to solve a real problem—umbrellas that fly away and cause injuries. Our unique design has turned the traditional beach umbrella concept upside down, earning us 5-star ratings for more than two years.

Global Presence: Our products are not just loved in the United States; they have found homes on beaches in 22 other countries. That’s innovation at its finest.

10-Year Warranty: We are so confident in the durability of our umbrella frames and bases that we offer a 10-year warranty. Plus, our umbrellas come with a 3-year top-to-bottom warranty, ensuring your investment is secure for years to come.

Quality: Each product goes through rigorous testing for durability and safety. When you choose beachBUB®, you're not just getting a beach umbrella; you're investing in a high-quality, wind-resistant umbrella system that promises safety and longevity.

Your Next Step

Don't let inadequate beach gear ruin your day by the lake or under the Kentucky sun. Make the smart choice for you and your family. Invest in a high-quality beach umbrella from beachBUB® today and experience what it’s like to truly relax outdoors, knowing you're well-protected from both the sun and unexpected gusts of wind.

Ready for a hassle-free outdoor experience in Kentucky? Choose beachBUB®. Contact us today to place your order.