Experience the Best Beach Days in Texas with beachBUB®

Best Beach Days in Texas with beachBUB

Ah, Texas. Known for its vast landscapes, diverse natural beauty, and the Gulf Coast that offers miles of stunning sandy shores. Whether you're lounging on the beach in Galveston or soaking up the sun in South Padre Island, the Lone Star State provides an ideal backdrop for beach lovers. But what's a perfect beach day without reliable sun protection that withstands Texas-sized winds?

Enter beachBUB®—your go-to source for wind-resistant, high-quality beach umbrellas and accessories that are engineered to perform. With beachBUB®, gone are the days of chasing runaway umbrellas or wincing at subpar sun protection. Our umbrellas and bases offer superior sturdiness and longevity, providing peace of mind during those breezy Texan afternoons by the sea.

Our Products: Built for Wind and Sun

Wind-Resistant Umbrellas

When it comes to wind resistance, beachBUB® umbrellas are in a league of their own. Unlike basic beach umbrellas that can easily get knocked over, our umbrellas are designed to stay put, even in heavy winds. So go ahead, let that Gulf Coast breeze blow!

Umbrella Bases

The foundation of any reliable beach umbrella is its base, and our patented design ensures optimal stability and ease of use. You can enjoy your day at the beach without the fear of your umbrella taking flight.


But we didn't stop there! Our collection also includes must-have accessories like our SunVisor and tray table system. Keep your snacks, drinks, and essentials within reach, all while staying protected from the sun.

Why Choose beachBUB®?

beachBUB umbrellas

10-Year Warranty: We stand by the quality of our products. Our umbrella frames and bases come with an unprecedented 10-year warranty, ensuring you're protected for years to come.

Safety First: Our brand was born from a genuine concern for safety. We’ve revolutionized the beach umbrella concept to prevent accidents like the one that sparked our founder, Bill Schermerhorn, to take action back in 2009.

5-Star Ratings: Our umbrellas have earned 5-star ratings for more than two years and are loved by beach-goers not just in the United States, but in 22 other countries as well.

Complete Protection: From top to bottom, our umbrellas are made to last. In addition to the 10-year warranty, we even offer a 3-year top-to-bottom warranty for that extra peace of mind.

Innovation at Its Finest: We're always pushing the envelope to provide the best beach experience possible. Our unique designs and accessories make beachBUB® the ultimate choice for your beach days in Texas and beyond.

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Don’t settle for less when you can have the best. Elevate your Texas beach experience with a beachBUB® wind-resistant umbrella and accompanying accessories. Browse our collection and make your next beach day a breeze.