beachBUB® All-In-One Beach Umbrella System

How to Prevent Your Beach Umbrella from Blowing Over

beachBUB® All-In-One Beach Umbrella System

A sunny day at the beach can quickly turn chaotic when a gust of strong winds launches an unsecured beach umbrella down the shore. It’s a scenario that beachgoers would rather not experience. Here at beachBUB® USA, we’ve focused on solving this very problem. Inspired by the stable design of patio umbrellas, we’ve created a lightweight, portable sand anchor that makes a good beach umbrella almost as secure as its patio counterpart. We’ll discuss how to keep your beach umbrella from blowing over, even on those hot days when the wind blows unpredictably.

The Importance of Sand Anchors

Sand anchors are your first line of defense against a rogue beach umbrella. Unlike the traditional methods that simply push the umbrella into the sand, a well-designed sand anchor provides a stable base. Our beachBUB® is designed to be filled with sand, weighing an impressive 125 pounds when full. It’s a lightweight solution that takes less than two minutes to set up and provides unbeatable stability.

How Anchors Work

The idea behind sand anchors is simple but effective. Much like patio umbrellas, which have heavy bases to hold the pole securely, sand anchors use the weight of the sand to provide stability. The beachBUB® folds up to the size of a paperback book and is exceptionally lightweight when empty. To use it, simply unfold it, fill it with sand, and secure your umbrella pole in the center. The weight of the filled anchor will keep your umbrella from blowing over, even in strong winds.

What to Look For in a Good Beach Umbrella

When choosing an umbrella, consider features like a vented canopy that allows wind to flow through, reducing lift. Also, look for umbrellas that are designed to withstand strong winds. At beachBUB® USA, our umbrellas are engineered to endure winds up to 44 mph, thanks to a robust design that complements our sand anchors.

Other Methods to Hold the Pole Securely

Even with an anchor, it’s crucial to ensure that the umbrella poles are well-secured. Twist or screw the pole deep into the sand before attaching it to the anchor. Many beach umbrella anchors come with screws or clasps to tighten around the pole, adding an extra layer of security.

Don’t Forget the Patio Umbrellas

Although we’re focused on beach experiences, it’s worth mentioning that our invention was inspired by patio umbrellas. These often have built-in bases that are filled with water or sand. The design principles behind patio umbrellas can offer lessons in securing your beach umbrella.


beachBUB® Ultra Beach Umbrella Base System

Don’t let strong winds ruin a beautiful day at the beach. With the right beach umbrella and a reliable sand anchor like the beachBUB®, you can enjoy a sunny, hot day by the sea without worry. So before you head out for a day of sun and surf, make sure you’re prepared to keep that umbrella right where it should be.

Innovation has made beach relaxation safer and more secure. Trust in a product that has earned a 5-star rating for over two years and is available in 22 countries. With a 3-year top-to-bottom warranty, we’re confident in our ability to provide you a worry-free beach experience.

Enjoy the beach safely with beachBUB® USA, because we believe that innovation meets the beach when you’re well-prepared.

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