Towel Hook
Towel Hook

    Towel Hook


    Placing a last minute order? Already at the beach? Need to ship to a secure location? Have your beachBUB® products shipped to the nearest Walgreens!

    Ship to Walgreens

    After ordering, just call our Customer Service department to have your order shipped to the closest Walgreens location!. 

    Customer Service: 866-432-1976

    Operating Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM -5:00 PM

      This is the same Towel Hook included with the beachBUB® Beach Umbrella System. It has two hooks and a thumb screw. You can easily slide the collar up and down your umbrella pole to the desired height, then tighten down the thumb screw to lock the collar in position. It's perfect for hanging hats, bags, towels, etc...


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