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The beachBUB was invented at Vanderbilt Beach in Naples Florida in 2009. It was a bright sunny, but windy day.  Suddenly, there was a commotion down the beach. Unfortunately, a small child was struck and severely injured by a Fly-Away Beach Umbrella with a sharp metal screw attached on the bottom. The child was taken to the hospital and as everyone settled back down to enjoy their beach day it became obvious to all, that most everyone who had an umbrella, was struggling to keep them in place.  Many beachgoers even went as far as to simply take down their umbrella.

I spent the next few hours wondering if there could be a better and easier way to setup and secure a beach umbrella.  I thought to myself “Why does a patio umbrella base work so well, and if you could only make it portable?” There are 3 components that make a patio umbrella base work. It has a large footprint, an anchor point or sleeve and weight.  

This called for a trip to the local fabric and hardware store. That evening was spent making the first beachBUB. The following day was anything but a beach day. It was overcast and the wind was gusting to 30MPH. It was a perfect day to test the design and utility of the beachBUB beach umbrella base. Amazingly, it worked. It held our 8 foot beach umbrella for over 3 hours and it never once showed signs of failing.  

In November of 2011 beachBUB USA was granted a US Utility Patent. The beachBUB takes only minutes to put up and even less time to take down. There is no hole to dig or screw apparatus used. The transport weight is about a pound and the whole base folds up to the size of a small hand towel. Once filled the base weighs 120 lbs. It has been tested with an 11 1/2 foot umbrella in a 42MPH wind and performs as intended.  

In February of 2014 beachBUB USA introduced its amazing invention to the market throughout the USA. It was picked up by, and appeared on 11 national morning shows including the NBC TODAY show. In 2015 we engineered and manufactured an umbrella to perform in 30+ MPH winds after many customers asked if we had an umbrella that worked with our amazing base.  The beachBUB Beach Umbrella System was launched and within 6 months became the #1 rated beach umbrella on Amazon.  In July of 2016 Consumer Reports rated the beachBUB Beach Umbrella System as their “Best Of” for beach umbrellas that won’t blow away. To date, beachBUBs have been sold in all 50 states and in 7 countries. 

beachBUB USA is actively working with resorts, beach umbrella rental companies, municipalities,  colleges, universities and sports programs who have seen the benefits of an easy to use and quality product.  Our continued focus for beachBUB USA going forward is to bring community awareness to the dangers of Flyaway Umbrellas on beaches throughout the USA. The beachBUB Beach Umbrella System is making it easier for people to use and enjoy a very much needed product for the beach. Flyway umbrellas will never be eliminated but beachBUB USA is helping to reduce the dangers. 

beachBUB USA
Bill Schermerhorn
President (Inventor)