About Us



 It all started in 2010 when our founder Bill Schermerhorn noticed a major problem as he was trying to enjoy the beach. On a beautiful, sunny day a sudden gust of wind picked up the beach umbrellas and he saw a huge danger with that. Thus after re-imagining the beach umbrella anchor and obtaining a patent the beachBUB, or beach umbrella base, was born. Soon after that he realized that a sturdy and lightweight umbrella needed to follow. Fast-forward to 2017 and the beachBUB Setup was completed. An invention that helps us relax faster and more easily on the beach. We’ll call that innovation at it’s finest.



 If the system is broken, fix it. At beachBUB, USA we pride ourselves on the most quality and value for our customers. At our company’s core, we believe in spreading beach safety and sharing our vision with our customers. Even more we believe in providing the highest quality product to our customer and making it right if it is not to their expectations. Visit our contact us page to share with us your questions,


concerns or awesome beachBUB stories!


Go ahead, we are all ears!