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When used correctly, the beachBUB All-In-One Umbrella System has proven to be an effective way to help reduce fly-away umbrellas. Use caution when winds are gusting and close your umbrellas when conditions appear to be too strong for your umbrella. To insure maximum safety, be sure to always fill your beachBUB® base completely with sand.

Step-By-Step Setup and Takedown Demo

How to Drill the Hole Yourself for the beachBUB® SunVisor Rotating Pole Modification

Sand Gopher Tutorial Video

SunVisor Setup Tutorial

Tray Table Setup

Canopy Tension Adjustment

Separating Two Poles

Mount the Collar on a Wooden Pole

Replace a Broken Canopy Clip

Canopy Removal and Reinstallation

Tips from the Inventor

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