Beach Umbrella Bottom Pole
Beach Umbrella Bottom Pole

    Beach Umbrella Bottom Pole


    Placing a last minute order? Already at the beach? Need to ship to a secure location? Have your beachBUB® products shipped to the nearest Walgreens!

    Ship to Walgreens

    After ordering, just call our Customer Service department to have your order shipped to the closest Walgreens location!. 

    Customer Service: 866-432-1976

    Operating Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM -5:00 PM


      This beach umbrella bottom pole is compatible with all beachBUB® Barrier Reef Beach Umbrellas. It comes with the collar already installed and ready for use with the beachBUB® ULTRA Beach Umbrella Base.

      Note: This beach umbrella pole is only for use with the beachBUB® All-In-One Umbrella System


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