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beachBUB® Sand Gopher

beachBUB® Sand Gopher

The beachBUB® Sand Gopher is a very simple tool designed to make your beach umbrella setup easier.

Anyone who has ever set up a beach umbrella knows that it can be a difficult to get the umbrella bottom pole deep enough into the sand.

Most beachgoers will dig out a hole or try to use brute force to drive the tip of the umbrella pole into the sand to the desired depth. With the beachBUB® Sand Gopher, all you have to do is insert the tool into the sand, push it down and give it a quarter turn as you push.

It will cut easily into the sand. Pull the gopher back out and it pulls a plug of sand out with it. Fling the sand out of the tube and re-insert to dig a little deeper. It's that simple!

The beachBUB® Sand Gopher is just another way that beachBUB® USA is making life on the beach safer and easier. 

  • Aluminum frame
  • In 2016 beachBUB® Beach Umbrella System customers asked if there was a simpler way to make a hole for their beach umbrella. After 2 years of developing and testing, the beachBUB® Sand Gopher was invented, and has been awarded a U.S. Utility Patent.
  • Why do you need this? Fly-Away Umbrellas are very dangerous. Professionals recommend a 15” hole for all beach umbrellas, including straight and screw tip poles, as well as independent screw anchors. Putting your umbrella in the sand this far is not as easy as it seems, even with a screw anchor or pre-attached screw on your pole.
  • Step 1 - Begin by first brushing away the very top layer of really dry powdery sand, which creates a smooth, level starting point for your hole.
  • Step 2 - Using a twisting and grinding motion, insert the Sand Gopher straight down into the sand, then remove.
  • Step 3 - With a flick of the wrist, fling the 5” plug of sand out of the tube. Repeat. In less than 30 seconds yo have a perfect hole.
  • Easily done! Now you have a firm, compact hole, just like the professionals make, to ensure your umbrella stays upright. Convenient storage… Small enough to place inside your umbrella canopy for easy storage so you always have it with your umbrella.
  • Invented, designed and engineered in the U.S.A.

Watch the Sand Gopher in action!


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