2-PACK 2018 "Outer Banks Model" beachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System

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3PackCarve Out Your Space On The Beach... beachBUB Multipacks Give You More Shade and Less Cost

Multiple beachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella Systems allow you to expand your family's area on the beach. Buying a 2-Pack, 3-Pack or 4-Pack also means you get a better deal on each umbrella.

Every beachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System includes the Umbrella, the beachBUB ULTRA Base, the oversized Carry Bag, the Sand Scoop Shovel and the Sand Gopher Tool to help you easily create a hole in the sand for your umbrella pole. In addition, the 2018 model now has the new Canopy Tension Adjustment System.

Updated for 2018!

Canopy Tension Adjustment System

One of the major new additions in the most recent model of the beachBUB Beach Umbrella System is the ability to adjust the tension of the umbrella canopy. We noticed that many other brands of beach umbrellas often struggle with ribs over time poking through the canopy, so we have reinforced the rib pockets on the umbrella canopy and added a T-shaped bracket inside each pocket. This new bracket prevents the rib from wearing on the canopy. It also allows us to insert a small plastic spacer plug in each rib pocket. These spacer plugs can be used to adjust the overall tension of the umbrella canopy. If your canopy is too tight and difficult to open, simply remove as many of the plugs as necessary to achieve the desired canopy tension. Likewise, if the canopy tension is too loose, simply add additional plugs in order to create more tension. (Additional plugs are provided and are located in the pocket of each carry bag.)

The beachBUB Umbrella Canopy is ONLY available in one color - Deep Ocean Blue. Please choose the color of your beachBUB Ultra Base. beachBUB Ultra Colors: Sky Blue, Canary Yellow and Citrus Green.

We Made the Bag Even Stronger

Our 2018 model now also includes reinforcement stitching at 11 different stress points on the oversized carry bag and the shoulder strap width has been increased and extra padding added. We’ve made the drawstring and button stop more heavy duty than ever.

The umbrella has been wind tested to 35 MPH so you'll never have to go without shade again. Also all beachBUB All In One Systems now come with the free 3-Year beachBUB Protection Plan.

  • Large 7 1/2 Foot Canopy
  • High Grade 1.5mm 2 Piece Aluminum Pole
  • 6 High Quality 10mm Fiberglass Frame Ribs
  • Triple Layered Independently  Sewn Rib Pockets
  • Commercial Grade Locking Pole Pin and Rivetted Pole Tip
  • 220G Commercial Grade PA Coated beachBUB® Beach Fabric for Carry Bag and Canopy
  • Shoulder Strap Comfort - 50% More Padding and Added Width
  • Double Reinforced Bottom In Oversized 48" Long Carry Bag
  • Dual Drawstrings for Easier Bag Opening And Closing
  • Commercial Grade Rolled Carry Handle
  • 7" X 5" Exterior Velcro Pocket for Bag
  • Improved beachBUB Anchor Pole Collar
  • Reduced Overall Weight Reduction of 6% (Total Overall Weight 8.4 lbs)
  • Every Beach Umbrella Canopy Sold by beachBUB USA has a UV Rating of 50+ UPF (This is the highest rating available)

How It Works

Prepare the Space

If the sand is really dry and powdery, start by brushing away the very top layer of dry sand to make a nice firm flat space for your umbrella base.

Lay the beachBUB flat onto the beach. Use the Sand Gopher Tool by inserting it into the sand through the center hole of the beachBUB. Push the Sand Gopher into the sand giving it a quarter turn twist as you go. Then simply pull the Sand Gopher out and it will remove a plug of sand. Fling the sand out of the Sand Gopher and repeat until you have a hole that is 8 inches deep. Insert the bottom pole through the center hole of the beachBUB up to the orange label. Connect 2 wings to form a pouch. Fill the base halfway with sand. Attach the 3rd wing to form the pyramid base. Completely fill the base with sand. Insert your umbrella into the base, sit down and enjoy a relaxing stress free day on the beach.

3 Year Protection Plan

The beachBUB Protection Plan is included with your purchase.

The BPP covers all damage and loss. It even covers damage to the umbrella in the unlikely event of an umbrella tipping over due to the base not being completely filled. Check out complete details here.



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  • 5
    Terrific umbrella

    Posted by Linda Iovacchini on Sep 14th 2017

    Thank you for producing an excellent umbrella. My girlfriend and I easily put it up before the men made it over to the beach. We were afraid that the takedown might not be as easy, but surprisingly, it was. I am a 70 year old female, and I look forward to many years of easy access to the beach.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 30th 2017

    We bought 2 Beach BUBbrellas several years ago and enjoyed them so much we bought one more for us and a 2 pack for our daughter and family. We did and often do have some pretty strong winds on normal summer afternoons at Port Aransas, Texas. One day a regular beach umbrella became dislodged and headed towards our beach site where our 2 grandchildren were napping. Luckily it was stopped before it got to us but it reinforced the importance and usefulness of our BeachBUBS. In fact on our last day I set up an umbrella by myself (I'm 69) and spent the day alone on the beach with all the confidence that I would be perfectly comfortable. (We just got back from our vacation on the Texas coast one day before Harvey came ashore and devastated the island where we have enjoyed so many wonderful vacations). Mr Schirmerhorn, I have spoken with you twice and I wanted to tell you how happy we are that you have invented such a great product.

  • 5
    great umbrellas

    Posted by michael troyan on Aug 1st 2017

    It is a great umbrella and is very easy to put up on the beach holds up a lot of windy conditions I have purchased 6 of these umbrellas for my family it was a great gift they all loved them

  • 5
    The Best Umbrella and Base System

    Posted by David Propst on Jul 12th 2017

    Short version: these umbrellas and bases are the most stable I can imagine, very well made, and worth every penny.

    Long Version: I am a beach umbrella Nerd. For years I have been trying different umbrellas and anchoring systems on our yearly beach trip to the NC coast.

    I gave up on purchased umbrellas several years ago and have rented heavy commercial umbrellas and tried different spike and sandbag anchors. Last year I thought I'd found an ideal solution with a sandbag system that the umbrella goes through. But the umbrella is still heavy and on a windy day we did have one tip over last year.

    After seeing a BeachBUM base and umbrella pop up on Amazon I was intrigued. I read a bunch of reviews and decided to order a couple, even though I had three umbrellas already rented for the next week's beach trip.

    It was a great purchase, set up and take down is easy and the bagged system is so light. The two umbrellas barely moved in constant moderate winds during 6 days of use.

    After helping me set up once, my wife carried them to the beach and set them up by herself on two other days. Something she could never do with the heavier and more complex umbrellas and anchors we had used in the past.

    I also set up one of the heavy rented umbrellas with a bag anchor every day and though it was stable, it was a pain to lug back and forth each day.

    I'll be ordering two additional BeachBUM umbrella and bases for next year.

    Thank you so much for such a well thought out, quality product.

  • 5
    The perfect beach umbrella

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 7th 2017

    This is the perfect beach umbrella! So easy to set up and take down and delivers on it's promise to stand up to strong winds. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great beach umbrella.

  • 5
    This is what you need. Absolutely perfect - Attention to Detail....

    Posted by Jeff Lowe on Jul 3rd 2017

    I just used my two new BeachBUB umbrella kits for a week at the beach @ Ocean Isle Beach NC. It's clear that the perfect, easiest, and safest beach umbrella experience was first in mind when the BeachBUB was developed. I really could not be happier with my purchase. Of course, they provided ample, peaceful shade while enjoying the beach, but more importantly- every little detail was thought through to make the best experience possible. Instructions are printed on the bag and on the base mat for quick reference. The bag itself is sized so that it is easy to get everything back in when packing up. The accessory hooks are awesome and have enough "bite" to hold on to towels, hats, and sunglasses when not in use, even in a steady wind. The support ribs are stout - not once did I see them even flex. The bag has multiple, padded handles with a pocket for storing some small items. The tie up straps are heavy duty and enough length is provided to even tie a double knot if you choose. Each BeachBUB even includes a small shovel to fill the base. Again, every detail has been considered - these are just a few examples.

    One of the days we had a storm come up very quickly....many umbrellas around me were uprooted and ended up dangerously cart wheeling down the beach....the rest were being heavily flexed - on the brink of inverting or breaking. This was putting people's safety at risk and flushing money down the drain in umbrella damages. Those owners were frantically trying to tend to their umbrellas...... I have to be honest - I just stayed under my BeachBUBs because I wanted to observe what would happen. I'm pleased to say that while there was some visible "shivering" of the canopy due to the unstable wind in the storm, but the support ribs showed no deflection and I was not concerned at all about the integrity of my BeachBUBs. They were solid as a rock. It was a strangely proud moment to know that I was not going to put anyone in danger with a runaway umbrella, I had made the right investment, and I could just stay out under my umbrellas nice and dry (since there was no lightning) , while others scrambled to get packed up and out of the rain.

    At the end of the day, these BeachBUB umbrellas did exactly what they said they would: easy to carry and set up/take down, provided ample shade, and withstood significant winds without any adjustment or risk of a runaway umbrella. Perfect.

    The only thing I could think of as a means of improvement is : when the accessory hook ring is tightened on the pole - it digs into the pole and scratches the pole a bit. It's more of an aesthetic issue I guess, but I'd like to prevent this and protect my investment Maybe add a rubber/anti-mar tip on the end of the tightening hook to keep from digging in?

    Thanks BeachBUB team.

  • 5
    No Worries Umbrella

    Posted by Rene & Jim on Jul 1st 2017

    I was so sick and tired of beach umbrellas that didn't hold up to the winds in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I used the BeachBUB system last week and it performed exactly as shown on the website. It was easy to carry, set-up, and take down. It was extremely sturdy and held up to the wind. I could not be happier! My husband also handed out business cards (which came with the system) to people who asked him about our umbrella. I may also purchase one more umbrella for when family visits. It will be easier to carry and set up than those bulky 10'x10' canopy tents (if even allowed at your beach). Hopefully in the future BeachBUB will offer a 3-pack system.

  • 5
    Hard to beat this deal...

    Posted by Jason on May 30th 2017

    I own two complete systems and a base. Had a large crowd scheduled for Memorial Day. Bought these at 5pm Tuesday evening and were on my door step at 10am next day. Put em up as usual. Windy the first day. Relaxed as I knew mine weren't going anywhere. Had to saves that could have ended badly for large umbrellas not secured properly. This is a no brainer folks. Get it and be done. Beach time is for relaxing not wondering if your shade is gonna hurt somebody.